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811, 2019

Should I Be Worried?

If you’ve got a partner that feels distant or that you don’t spend a lot of time together; maybe they work a lot, spend a lot of time with friends without you or has friends [...]

711, 2019

Who’s the Boss

We all like to be right, right? Whether we admit it or not, we hate to be wrong, to seem less smart, or feel out of control. This can become an issue in relationships when [...]

111, 2019

Safe And Secure

Life can be hectic, chaotic, and unpredictable. That’s why our home should be a place of safety and security. When you and your partner feel safe together, you are able to face just about any [...]

111, 2019

Dare To Be Who You Are

Your partner deserves to know the real you. To be well and truly loved and to love your partner fully requires you to strip away all pretense and show, and to be authentically raw and [...]

2610, 2019

Taken For Granted

A common theme in discussions with couples in my private practice is appreciation, gratitude, or more often than not, the lack of it. We all need to feel important to our spouse, to feel appreciated [...]

2310, 2019

Is there Room to Grow in your relationship?

No matter your age you are always changing, growing and evolving. This needs to be taken into consideration in your love relationships as well. The main questions you should be thinking about, are you going [...]

1610, 2019

Are You and Your Partner In A Boring Relationship?

Do you feel like your relationship is too routine or boring? Do you always know what to expect from your partner, day in and day out, even in your sex life? Are you happy? Is [...]

910, 2019

Togetherness Is the Goal

Couples come to see me in my office practice in Scottsdale, AZ when they’re feeling overwhelmed, isolated or disconnected from one another; conflicted, or in pain.  Talking with one of these couples recently got me [...]

410, 2019

One Bad Apple: Don’t Let One Bad Experience Spoil the Bunch

You’ve heard the expression that “one bad apple spoils the bunch.” This can be applied to relationships as well. You can go along in your lives doing well and then one bad experience, (a fight, [...]

210, 2019

Whose Side Are You On?

Life is fraught with challenges and obstacles. When you’re in a love relationship you should have an ally, a partner and team member who will stand with you in the tough times. Unfortunately that’s not [...]

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