Emotionally Focused Therapy, or EFT, is the form of couples counseling with which I have seen the best and the longest lasting results. EFT provides my clients with an understanding they simply cannot gain through other forms of treatment. EFT can take your relationship from good to great.

EFT is particularly effective in helping couples build trust, communicate clearly, and resolve conflict. In research studies on family and couples counseling, the great majority of participants reported increased marital satisfaction after Emotionally Focused Therapy. Approximately 80% of couples who have experienced EFT have found success in their relationships.

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There Is No Magic Potion

There is no enchanted formula that can miraculously change your relationship with your partner overnight. This kind of fantastic remedy just doesn’t exist. No matter what, it takes the two of you working hard together to rebuild and rejuvenate the love you once knew. However, Emotionally Focused Therapy provides a clear map on how you can navigate the obstacles that are now standing in your way. It provides you with real, comprehensible methods to overcome the negative cycles that may seem impossible to shake.

Experience EFT with The Couples Expert

Because it is an experiential model, therapists who have been trained in EFT have learned its methods through firsthand experience. This not only provides them with the tools necessary to counsel others, but the deep empathy to understand what a client experiences on their journey. The guiding hand has been there and knows the way.

Feeling love for each other again is fostered by allowing you and your partner to open up to each other in a safe and secure environment, not just through words, but by engaging in new experiences with one another. These experiences allow you to see your partner in a whole new light, focusing on the real problems that interfere with your closeness.

In a sense, EFT is like rewiring the way you approach your partnership as a couple, giving you the tools to recognize and the vulnerability to ask for what you really need in your relationship. With The Couples Expert guiding you on your way, EFT can help you reconstruct how you connect with your partner on an emotional level, establishing deeper trust and understanding.

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