Choosing a therapist can be tough, we make it easier.

At The Couples Expert, we offer all new clients a 30 minute telephone consultation. This gives our clients an opportunity to speak with a counselor, discuss expectations and help ensure we are a good fit for counseling.


Call 480-248-6484

During that first meeting we’ll go over your present concerns, your hopes for therapy and any questions you might have about the counseling process.

This is your opportunity to see if you want to schedule a counseling appointment.

This consultation is best described as an opportunity to decide if the therapist you have met is the person with which you wish to begin counseling. At The Couples Expert we believe the more you know about us the better, that’s why we offer so many free resources on our site. We find that the more knowledge you have through this process of reaching out before the appointment, the faster the progress in creating the loving relationship you desire. We give people a chance to make a more informed decision about relationship counseling.

*If you decide to schedule a session, we will credit the $25 consultation fee towards your first appointment. For information on the fees and the counseling process please review our FAQ/FEES page.

To schedule your 30-minute telephone consultation with Stuart call 480-248-6484.  

Available for Arizona residents ONLY

Learn more about Couples Counseling, or if you have questions or want to schedule by phone, call 480-248-6484.