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Infidelity is rarely about sex. It is, rather, a symptom of attachment needs not being met in a relationship. Affairs are a way for people who are feeling lonely and empty in their relationship with their partner to fill a void. Unfortunately, those feelings of hollow seclusion can only be masked temporarily, and infidelity leaves a permanent scar on a relationship. However, recovery from the relationship injury of infidelity is possible.

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Your Relationship Can Overcome the Pain of Infidelity…

Once it comes out into the open that an affair has occurred in a relationship, the most difficult thing for couples to manage is communication. Emotions of guilt and remorse on one side, shock and betrayal on the other can leave couples feeling like their relationship is at an unrecoverable end. Anger and hurt, defensiveness and rationalization get in the way of allowing a couple to push past the affair and deal with underlying issues.

Recovery from infidelity is rare without proper counseling, without that trained third party who can help couples to:

  • Cope with the ensuing sense of displacement, the feeling that everything familiar is now foreign
  • Deal with the terrible realization that the flaws in their relationship were far more severe than imagined
  • Express their emotions in a productive and vulnerable manner, allowing them to clearly define their relationship issues
  • Communicate without using emotions as weapons, and understand each other’s deepest feelings
  • Overcome the grief of infidelity to eventually find acceptance
  • Follow a map to the place of love and reconnection that they truly, in their hearts, desire

…And Be Stronger for It!

It may seem unbelievable, but it is a fact that many couples who are able to overcome the trauma of infidelity and rebuild their relationship find that the relationship is deeper, more closely connected, and stronger than ever. They have learned to be authentic with one another, to communicate openly and vulnerably, and to love exclusively and unconditionally.

What Should We Do Next?

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Infidelity does not have to be the end. It may turn out to be the catalyst that your relationship needed to set off on a new beginning.

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