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The Couples Experts provides premarital counseling for clients who are looking to begin their marriage with a secure foundation. We also provide counseling for those wishing to meet the requirements for Covenant Marriage in the state of Arizona (see last section of page for details).

Premarital counseling is for couples who want to prepare for a committed life together whether in a legal marriage or domestic partnership.

Research shows that couples wait an average of six years before seeking professional help for relationship issues. Our mission is to help couples to have a deeply connected relationship that helps them through difficult times, and to prepare them to manage difficult situations that might arise in life.

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Benefits of Private Premarital Counseling:

  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Topics discussed will be individualized based on your needs as a couple.
  • Thorough and in-depth discussions offering real world solutions

The private premarital counseling package price is $2200 for 6 sessions at 90 minutes per session, when purchased as a package. Package also includes Before You Tie the Knot – 12 Essential Conversations premarital course. Sessions purchased individually are full price.

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Premarital counseling is generally recommended for all couples, even those with a relationship untroubled by significant issues. Beginning a commitment such as marriage with couples counseling is helpful not only because it can help each partner address their thoughts, concerns, and expectations for the partnership, but also because it can help couples feel more at ease with therapy and set them on a solid path of good communication and respect.

Partners seeking counseling before marriage may also find that premarital counseling can help them better understand their expectations about marriage and address any significant differences in a safe and neutral environment.

Healthy relationships make a happier, more secure world. Our primary goal in couples counseling is to help strengthen the foundation of the relationship.We will help you identify and address any areas of the relationship where a closer, more authentic connection is needed. A strong, healthy, loving relationship makes a strong, healthy, loving home and life.

The Couples Experts has developed a premarital program that involves 6 sessions and begins with building a closer, more intimate connection with your future spouse while addressing and preparing for areas of potential future conflict. The connection you have with your partner, and the ability to stay connected with each other as this transition happens, is the main focus of my program, though couples will also have the chance to explore topics like finances, children, intimacy, etc.— areas where many couples experience challenges. Through your deeper connection with your partner, you will develop communication and conflict resolution skills and be able to address any fears you might have, whether these concerns result from one’s personal relationship history, family background or otherwise.

This program can also be done in as few as 3 sessions if needed, though participating in the entire program will allow for more growth and preparation. We understand that planning a wedding can feel overwhelming. With the support gained from this program you can feel assured that you are in the right hands. Evening & Saturday hours are open!

When couples participate in premarital therapy, they already know and trust a therapist who they can turn to if needed in the future years of their marriage. It’s like having a family physician for your relationship!

We also have an intensive weekend with you and your partner available that covers the entire program. The Couples Experts also offers newlywed counseling for those adjusting to the transition from engaged to married.

The best news is, if you decide to do a premarital program package with one of The Couples Experts, you receive each session at a discounted price. What a great item to add to your wedding registry!

Don’t just invest in the wedding; invest in the marriage as well!

In the state of Arizona, there is an opportunity to have a marriage that is different than a standard legal marriage. This is call the Covenant Marriage, which was created to offer an opportunity for couples to demonstrate their commitment to the original intent of marriage as a lifelong relationship.

The state of Arizona officially recognized covenant marriages after a Center for Arizona Policy (CAP)-supported bill was passed into law in 1998.

Arizona’s covenant marriage law allows couples planning to wed in Arizona to voluntarily strengthen their marriage vows by opting for a covenant agreement requiring premarital counseling and a stronger commitment to the marriage relationship.

Please visit http://www.azpolicypages.com/marriage-family/covenant-marriage/ for more information.

Three principal features of a covenant marriage are:

  • Engaged couples must participate in premarital counseling prior to their marriage ceremony.
  • Together, the couple signs a declaration that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman who agree to live together as husband and wife as long as they both live. The text of the declaration is set forth in statute and is provided to the couple by the county clerk when applying for a covenant marriage.
  • The grounds for divorce are limited, and couples commit to seek counseling before filing for divorce.

Once you’ve completed our premarital counseling program, you will be qualified for the covenant marriage premarital requirement. The Couples Experts will then complete the necessary paperwork for you if we are satisfied that you understand and agree to the obligations and commitments of the Covenant Marriage.

Premarital counseling for Covenant Marriage must ensure (according to Arizona law) that both people must be advised that a covenant marriage is a commitment for life; a discussion of the seriousness of covenant marriage; the requirement to seek marriage counseling if marital difficulties develop and the limited legal reasons available for ending the marriage by legal separation or divorce.

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