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1705, 2018

Marriage Counseling: How old is too old?

Young people grow up with an assumption about when people stop having an active sex life. After all, who of us ever wanted to think about our parents or any  “old” people having sex? [...]

1105, 2018

Marriage Counseling: When the Relationship is Tested by Illness

When you and your partner start out you never think, plan or dream that you could have something as drastic as a chronic illness that might test your commitment and your resolve to make [...]

305, 2018

Marriage Counseling: Crying with One Foot Out the Door

There’s a phrase that I hear often from couples in crisis. “My partner is pulling away.” Not just emotionally, but physically too. It seems that when things are not going well or a couple [...]

205, 2018

Will You Be There?

One of the biggest causes of crisis for couples is when they have too much conflict, arguing and escalation of fights. They get into a mindset that their partner is not going to be [...]

2504, 2018

Relationship advice: Social Media and Virtual Connections

Technology is a wonderful thing. The rise of social media has been an amazing advance in the way people connect. We can now make connections anywhere in the world. Can’t sleep? Go on Facebook, [...]

2404, 2018

Relationship Advice: The Future Will Brighten

I want to encourage you folks that are single, maybe recently divorced or coming out of a disappointing situation or painful break up. This doesn’t have to be viewed as a failure. You may [...]

1804, 2018

Marriage Counseling: The power of love to rebuild your connection

It is hard to talk about love without sounding cliche’. There are so many saying, so many quotes about love. Love is blind, love is madness. Love is what makes the world go around, [...]

1104, 2018

Marriage Counseling:  What You Can Learn from Past Relationships

In science, each disappointment brings your closer to a great discovery. In love and relationships, each painful experience can bring you closer and closer to a successful marriage. A relationship is a lesson you [...]

904, 2018

Relationship Advice : The Silent Treatment

Have you ever gotten the cold shoulder, the silent treatment? If withdrawal and isolation are your go to when you’re upset or angry you’re not alone. This is a common reaction for a lot of [...]

504, 2018

Marriage Counseling: Age is Just a Number… or Is It?

We don’t call them May/December romances anymore. In today’s society, a large age difference between two people in love doesn’t seem as much of an issue as it once did. In the age of [...]

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