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1701, 2020

Loving Partner

When you’re part of a couple, you are in possession of a great gift; a loving partner that you can turn to when you’re feeling worried or uncertain.  Simply knowing you have that loving partner [...]

1601, 2020

Love Never Dies

Welcome to Part 5 of our Life Transitions series. This is the end, literally. Titled, Love Never Dies.  In this week’s installment I’m going to address a topic that not a lot of people will [...]

1301, 2020

Best Friends

Do you treat your partner as your best friend? Maybe you see them as more than a friend, and that’s how it should be, but in the day to day interactions between you do you [...]

801, 2020

Retirement – These Are the Good Times

The Retirement years are the good times. Welcome to my ongoing series on life transitions. In past installments I’ve covered issues related to newlyweds in Part I, raising a family in Part II and the [...]

2612, 2019

Childless Couples

There’s still a social stigma around childless couples. I hear from couples who are pained by assumptions made that they’re selfish or narcissistic, or that they are lacking something in life by choosing to remain childless. [...]

2312, 2019

Pay It Forward in Your Relationship

Do you ever pay it forward in your relationship? To do something for someone knowing you can never be repaid for it, that’s the intention behind true kindness and gestures of compassion. It always brings [...]

1812, 2019

Life Transitions: Empty Nest

Welcome to Part 3 of our Life Transitions series. This week’s installment is geared towards couples who are facing an empty nest. Kids are growing up, you may have one still at home, or all [...]

1712, 2019

Be the Present this Year

Did you know that you can be (the) present this holiday? It’s true. Being mindful and in the moment is the next best thing to, say, just being a body in a chair. No matter [...]

1212, 2019

Newlyweds, Sleep or Sex? Life with Children

Welcome to Part II of our ongoing Life Transitions Series. In the first installment I spoke about some of the challenges facing newlyweds who are living together for the first time. This week’s topic is [...]

412, 2019

Newlyweds, Finding Out About Your Partner

This is Part I of my ongoing series on Life Stages and Transitions. In Part I I’ll discuss the challenges facing newlyweds. One area a lot of people don’t address is the adjustment of living [...]

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