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1306, 2019

Get On Board With What’s Important

A healthy couple consists of two well-rounded and developed individuals who don’t need the other to “complete” them, but to share in their journey together. What often brings people together are common interests, hobbies, similar [...]

406, 2019

Wooing Is Winning: Courting With A Purpose

Courting is far more than flirting, although it can have flirting as a component. It involves a deeper desire to show love and appreciation for your partner. Courting and wooing your partner requires effort, creativity, [...]

3105, 2019

Keeping Confidences

Is your partner your best friend? They should be! Your partner should be your partner in every aspect of life. The more connected you are, the stronger the bonds of trust become. The basis for [...]

2905, 2019

Find The Passion: The Time Is Now

Are you living your life or are you phoning it in? Simply existing, waiting for...what? Remember when you and your partner were young and in love? The feeling of passion for being together, the hunger [...]

1505, 2019

Marriage Is Hard, Be Kind

Seems simple right?  Following a simple directive to be kind to one another isn’t difficult, or is it? The truth is it’s not that simple. There are couples that make it look easy; and that’s [...]

805, 2019

Is Your Relationship Toxic or Transformed?

Can you tell a toxic romance from a healthy one? Many of you have been through a series of relationships in your life that can be defined as toxic. These relationships cause pain, self-doubt, heartbreak [...]

2904, 2019

Torn Apart by Disagreements – Divided Loyalty

One common scenario that I see with clients is strife in the relationship over disagreements regarding their children. This can be disagreements about parenting choices, discipline, or issues with adult children who have made poor [...]

2304, 2019

Plan for Retirement: But Keep Working on Your Relationship

Connect in your golden years and make your last years together your best years. Planning for retirement can be an exciting and terrifying proposition. There’s all the exit planning for leaving your career, there are [...]

1504, 2019

Are You Making Time?

Giving practical ideas on how to adjust your schedule; and some real time advice on how you can make time for each other. What couples want: I recently polled some of my clients and asked [...]

904, 2019

Sex After Baby

Advice for men and women on how to lovingly approach renewing a healthy and passionate sex life after you have a baby Congratulations on the new baby. It’s a magical time for you and your [...]

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