Having good work/life integration means that both your work and home life fit together. Being successful at this will allow the chances for success in all areas of life, personally and professionally, are exponentially more attainable. We can take more risks, accept bigger challenges, and feel supported in all our efforts.

Often, however, and without our realizing it, our business relationships are adversely impacted by our personal relationship not meeting our emotional needs, and this can present a very tough challenge. Remember that business success truly starts at home.

Can you imagine how your satisfaction in your work would skyrocket if you felt supported by your partner. Your personal relationship should be where you regenerate your mental and spiritual energies.

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The Real Perks Can Be Realized at Home

Many executives who have learned to write detailed business plans don’t put the same time and energy into realizing a return on investment in their personal lives. Imagine if we did that, placing the same importance on recognizing our partners as the people in our lives who are best equipped to help us reach heights of success?

Regardless of whether you go to an office every day or even work out of your house running a home-based business, the same concepts you use to make your career successful can be applied to your home life. A relationship plan offers rewards, perks and benefits as much if not more than any business can offer.

  • Emotional connectedness
  • Affection and sexual satisfaction
  • A secure loving relationship
  • Knowing that there is always someone in your life that has your back

“The capacity to enjoy all aspects of life is what everyone wants. However, this capacity does not come from balance, it comes from knowing how to integrate all the varied aspects of life in a meaningful way. Having good work/life integration means that we can fulfill our sense of self holistically. It means having love and peace in life.”

– Mr John Drury, author and mentor recently a guest on the couples expert podcast reinforce the importance of this in all of our work and home relationships. This groundbreaking way is a new concept that will likely change the way all of us ink about work life balance. Here is his website: www.johndrury.biz See his blog Work life balance is a myth here.

The Couples Expert Can Help

If your answers to these questions were less than satisfying, there is help. The Couples Expert can help you to:

  • take an objective look at your life and the drivers that make it tick
  • identify the obstacles that are holding you back from finding integration between home and work
  • develop new patterns to allow you to develop a true relationship plan, following a map to success
  • build connected relationships that are conducive to life success

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