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Is Couples Counseling for You?

Do You Feel Emotionally Disconnected from Your Spouse or Partner?
Are You Tired of Fighting the Same Fight?
Do You Crave the Closeness You Once Had?
Do you feel lonely even in the presence of your partner? Maybe you were once best friends and you feel like you’re steadily growing apart. Perhaps you fear that you will never find the close connection you once had. These feelings may lead you to fight with your partner about the same issues over and over. You may even leave an argument wondering, “What were we even fighting about?” These conflicts often lead to more distance and strain in the relationship, causing you to feel hopeless or afraid.

If you want to have a deeper connection with your partner, the first step is to realize that you can. No one is doomed to a failing marriage, but to turn things around, you have to take action. I’m here to tell you that couples therapy can help.

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But Wait…

“We’ve done couples counseling work and it hasn’t helped us in the past. Why will this be any different?”

Great question. My answer is that when you work with me, I help you explore what is getting in the way of your closeness during our couples counseling sessions. We don’t focus on the little details; we get to the heart of the matter quickly. Together, we make sense of what triggers your bad feelings and develop a way to lessen the intensity and frequency of those triggers.

Think about it this way: When you and your partner first got together, you didn’t have “habits” for how you reacted to each other; everything was new and fresh. These habits you have are an ingrained way of dealing with each other and we need to clear out those old habits and create new ones that come from a more loving place. I want to help you get back to the people you were when you first fell in love. From that place, you can remember that you’re truly with the one person in the world who loves and cherishes you. When you have that belief about your partner, anything is possible for your relationship.


In many ways, I think it’s good to be skeptical at first. I think you and your partner should come and meet with me to see for yourself what I am like. It’s impossible to judge a working relationship merely from a website. You need to be in the room with me to see how it feels to you. Ultimately, taking the risk and giving your relationship a chance is the only way to know if couples therapy will help. From that meeting, you’ll be able to determine if I am the right person for the two of you. Most couples find that opening up and seeking help provides them with the changes they want. I am confident that your time with me will provide you and your partner with new insights and skills to help develop the connection you are missing.


I have about 25 years of experience working with couples who are struggling with relationship issues. You can read more about my work and mission here, but ultimately, what I want you to know is that I do not take my responsibility as a couples therapist lightly. I am dedicated to helping every client who walks through my door. I believe in complete transparency and together we will work openly to facilitate positive healing experience for you both. That said, in order for this to work, you have to take the first step and reach out. From there, we can determine what you need and how I can best serve you. My goal is to help you reconnect with your partner and start down the path to a healthier, more loving relationship.

What Should We Do Next?

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