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204, 2019

You were Meant for a Great Love

You don’t get all the amazing things in life and love unless you believe they exist. I spoke to a couple recently in which one of the partners was feeling extremely dissatisfied with the state [...]

2603, 2019

Go Be Successful. I’ve Got Your Back

They key to business success is having a solid relationship at home that you can count on. When we see prominent people, people who are successful in their career path, business owners, politicians; people at [...]

2203, 2019

Building a Bridge of Connection

Rebuilding a lost connection when you feel you’re down in the valley all alone and your partner is across the wide and empty chasm. Loneliness doesn’t always mean you are alone. If you’re struggling with [...]

2003, 2019

Fair Fighting

When we’re trying to sit down and resolve conflicts in a relationship, we have to approach it a certain way. This is going to come across a lot like a problem-solving approach, and it is. [...]

1303, 2019

EFT and Conflict Resolution

EFT is a type of counseling that focuses on adult relationships and attachments. It’s an attachment-based model. The counselor looks at the relationship issues with regard to the connection that couples develop a secure bond [...]

703, 2019

Emotional Affair: The Warning Signs

 This is a true story about a couple where one of the partners had an emotional affair. John (not his real name) was married to Jill for approximately 30 years; the two of them were [...]

103, 2019

5 Characteristics of Successful Couples

As a couples counselor, I work with individuals and couples with many different issues that are preventing their relationship from feeling an emotional connection. Through the years of working as a couples counselor, many people [...]

1902, 2019

Mediocre Marriage – Is it too Late for Love?

As a couples counselor, I spend my life meeting with couples that are in terrible pain with regards to their relationships.  I have been a counselor for over 35 years and have developed a knack [...]

1402, 2019


It’s Valentine’s week and couples are absorbed in making plans and dinner reservations, shopping for jewelry and flowers, her favorite chocolates, his favorite lingerie. Deciding how you will celebrate Valentine’s Day can be challenging [...]

402, 2019

Couples Therapy: What if Your Partner Refuses?

You want to be happy and have a relationship you are proud of. You have great friends, your kids are happy, and you are in a committed relationship, but does it have to feel so [...]

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