18 07, 2019

Too Late to Fall


You may think it just can’t happen for you, it’s just not in the cards. Maybe you’ve had a few (or more than a few) relationships that haven’t worked out. You may be divorced, have grown kids or be a widow or widower. You’ve given up on the idea that you’ll never find a person [...]

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4 10, 2018

Where Did Our Sex Life Go?


Hello and welcome to The Couples Expert Podcast, with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This is episode 181 or our show. Today, Stuart talks about the difference in sexual desire. We come together quite often with different types of libidos, but when we first get together and the passion is there. After a period of [...]

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21 08, 2018

What are you Looking for in a Partner?


The qualities of the people we choose for a partner in life and love are the ones we most admire. Sometimes those are some of the characteristics we believe we are lacking in ourselves, or wish we were better at embodying them. These are 7 qualities of people with integrity; after all, isn’t that [...]

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14 08, 2018

Dating 101 for American Men


Should American men take courses on how to “court’ women properly?  This topic is of interest to me because when I see relationships in trouble, I realize that a large percentage of these couples stopped courting each other after they committed to their long term relationship. All of the wooing and courting behavior came to [...]

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