15 04, 2019

Are You Making Time?


Giving practical ideas on how to adjust your schedule; and some real time advice on how you can make time for each other. What couples want: I recently polled some of my clients and asked them to tell me some things they wish they had with their partner that they currently do not. The answer, [...]

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9 04, 2019

Sex After Baby


Advice for men and women on how to lovingly approach renewing a healthy and passionate sex life after you have a baby Congratulations on the new baby. It’s a magical time for you and your partner when you have your first child.  Bringing baby home is fraught with worry and sleeplessness, but there’s also a [...]

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4 09, 2018

Less Sex in Your Relationship?


In a long-term relationship there sometimes comes a point where you find yourselves having less sex than earlier on in your lives together. This can be for a variety of causes; physical changes as you age, libido changes due to medications or menopause or time constraints that simply don’t allow you the freedom to [...]

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19 03, 2018

Relationship Advice: Sharing your Sexual Past with your Partner


Should you or shouldn’t you share your sexual past? The subject often comes up in new relationships in the discovery and getting to know each other phase. Newly formed relationships between sexually active adults may have that component of curiosity on several different levels. How much should you tell, and what should you omit [...]

Relationship Advice: Sharing your Sexual Past with your Partner2018-03-20T00:03:06+00:00
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