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Are you having conflicts where you seem to have the same fight over and over but for different reasons?

It’s Normal for Couples to Experience Conflicts and Anger

Conflicts are a part of every person’s life. Becoming angry with your partner can occur for reasons as simple as having a difference of opinion or having them leave the cap off the toothpaste. However, disagreements can help an individual understand their spouse or partner better. And, it’s important for a couple to not just count their conflicts or how often they quarrel, but to understand how they manage to reach a resolution at the end of an argument and recall their attachment to each other and the importance of their relationship. This restores the closeness that you once felt with your partner.

Conflict Can Be Beneficial

While it’s hard to imagine any couples who don’t fight, in fact, couples who don’t have disagreements are missing out on the opportunity to learn from conflict. Conflicts can be healthy for any relationship, if they don’t occur too frequently or with intensity that is out of control.

It isn’t unhealthy to have conflict in your relationship; rather, it is the lack of repair that is quite often the problem. It is reconciliation that helps couples weigh whether their relationship is healthy or not. The Couples Expert Scottsdale, using the research-proven methods outlined in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), can assist you in making the transition from anger to understanding.

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