Is your stress level off the charts? Is it coming from outside circumstances or from within your own home?

There are those things that we worry and fret about, those that are out of our control; and those that are within our power to affect. If you’re feeling unduly stressed it’s a warning that you’re feeling out of control. It’s time for you to take stock of your life and relationship and see if you can pin down the causes of the stress.

If you can identify issues that will never change no matter how much you worry about them, it’s time to let go of that anxiety. Realize that it’s counterproductive and can be harmful to you to worry about the things you cannot change. It can not only adversely affect your relationships but it can ruin your physical and emotional health as well.

If, however, the sources of your worry and stress are coming from inside your life and relationship with your partner, that’s good news! Why good? Because the things in your life that you’re dealing with are directly impacted by the choices you make. If it’s job stress, financial stress, or challenges in your relationship, you have the power to reduce or eliminate those stresses from your life. You can make changes in your beliefs; choices and actions that will directly impact the situations you’re facing.

Make those choices to live in a happier, more positive way. Appreciate the good things in your life, and get rid of and let go of those things that have been causing you needless worry. Release the toxic and embrace the joy in your life. This will serve to give you a happier outlook, and a happier relationship with your partner.

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