14 02, 2019



It’s Valentine’s week and couples are absorbed in making plans and dinner reservations, shopping for jewelry and flowers, her favorite chocolates, his favorite lingerie. Deciding how you will celebrate Valentine’s Day can be challenging and fun. I’d like to challenge you about how you celebrate your love every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. [...]

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6 11, 2018

Love In The Time Of Midterms: How To Keep Peace In The Political Process


Remember back in 2016 how we all felt a bit of election fatigue? There were some very unhappy families and even broken relationships that resulted from the lead up to the Presidential election. Maybe you were one of the couples that had to take a break from the media and political discussions because they [...]

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31 07, 2018

5 Steps Towards Rebuilding Respect with Your Partner


When you have a physical injury such as a sprain, a cut or a broken bone, you experience pain for a short while, you take some steps to treat the injury then you heal. Once it’s thoroughly mended, the injury becomes nothing more than an unpleasant memory or a good story to tell.    When [...]

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26 06, 2018

Relationship Advice: At War with Love


All couples fight While it may be the last thing you want to do with your partner, couples who fight are not uncommon. Couples can get into a pattern or cycle of fighting and making up. Becoming triggered by the same unresolved issues and the same actions, tone of voice or sarcastic or hurtful [...]

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