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Welcome to this encore presentation of The Couples Expert Podcast, this podcast originally aired in January of 2017.  

Today Stuart discusses how couples should go about preparing for marriage. If you’re in a love relationship with your partner and you’re planning a wedding, or if you have friends and family that are going to be married, this podcast is for you. Marriage is big step, and The Couples Expert is here to help you set off on the right path to a successful and happy married life.

Stuart welcomes guest and colleague Kelsey Blythe who had joined The Couples Expert staff at the time of this podcast to discuss premarital counseling and issues surrounding getting ready for marriage.

What you’ll learn from today’s podcast:

  • Working on maintaining your relationship is vitally important to a happy marriage [9:50]
  • Premarital counseling gives you a roadmap to marriage and commitment  [17:30]
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy as the basis for premarital counseling strengthens your connection  [19:30]
  • Having a counselor as a resource in your married life gives you a safety net to solve problems when they come up  [25:55]

Premarital counseling is a wonderful tool to help prepare couples for married life. You may not know how to bring up difficult subjects, how to approach topics that may be problematic in the future if you don’t address them before you tie the knot.

Doing the deep couples work in the beginning of your marriage will help the two of you to be connected and confident that together you can face anything that life may throw your way. Problems and challenges will come, it’s just a part of life; having a strong foundation in trust and communication will help you to be prepared and to be strongly united to face these challenges as a team. Knowing you have one another to depend on allows you the confidence to face anything together without it threatening to tear you apart.

Our thanks go out to Kelsey Blythe for joining us on The Couples Expert podcast. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to spend with our podcast.

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