This is an Encore Presentation, this podcast originally aired in May of 2017. 

Hello and welcome to The Couples Expert Podcast with your host Stuart Fensterheim. Welcome to our Mother’s Day Podcast! We’re so happy you’ve joined us for this special edition. Stuart is here to discuss how to appreciate not only your Mom this Mother’s Day, but all the special women in your life.

Listen as Stuart recounts his growing up in a blended family and the lessons he learned about the importance of his Mother and her role in the family. He also had a Stepmother whom he loved and was very influential in his life. Stuart will appreciate his mother by taking her to dinner and a movie this year. Stuart talks about ways to honor the important women in your life this Mother’s Day, (Sunday, May 12th).

What you’ll learn from today’s podcast:

  • Moms deserve your encouragement every day at 3:00
  • It helps when you’re struggling to see your partner through fresh eyes at 4:17
  • Dad’s responsibility on Mother’s Day at 5:49
  • Some suggestions for making Mom’s day special at 7:45
  • Recognize your partner for all they do and show appreciation at 10:49
  • Suggestions for a romantic Mother’s Day treat for her at 12:05
  • If you listen you will learn what she wants at 15:19
  • Honor Mom and Grandmother on Mother’s Day 17:44
  • Stepmoms are Moms too at 18:21made Brian choose couples work 5:18
  • Showing a healthy marriage to children and the importance of date night 12:15
  • Balance quantity vs. quality – marriage and time with the children 15:00
  • Remarriage is scary, how long you should wait 16:35
  • How negativity and toxic thinking affects our lives beyond the relationship 23:45
  • How past relationships inform our current marriages 28:00
  • How important it is to know what your attachment needs are 31:00

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We wish you a very special Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms from The Couples Experts. Your love is what makes your children into loving and kind men and women because they have you as a role model. Thank you for all you do. To the Dads: Make sure you take the time and effort to honor your Mom, your partner, the mother of your children and all the special moms in your life. Happy Mother’s Day and stay connected.

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Thank you so much for spending part of your day with Stuart Fensterheim, The Couples Expert. We hope today’s show has been helpful and meaningful to you. Until next time, stay positive, and stay connected.