//Show Yourself – Sharing the Real You with Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt

Hi and welcome to The Couples Expert.  This is episode 172 of our show. Today Stuart welcomes guest Allana Pratt to the podcast. Allana is an author and intimacy expert who specializes in helping people to open up and find a place of authenticity within themselves. Everyone has the desire to be heard, to be seen for who they are, and to have the ability to share their true selves with a partner. Listen as Stuart and Allana discuss this very important topic.

What you’ll learn from today’s podcast:

  • Control your thoughts, control negativity [2:49]
  • Being comfortable within yourself so others can see you [5:50]
  • Working from the inside out requires no approval  [8:34]
  • The difference between conditional and unconditional self-love [16:45]
  • How I accept my partner, when I’m not happy with them [18:56]
  • Awakening the sacred and sexy & the noble badass within [21:55]
  • Fear of abandonment, of love and lack of trust stay with us [30:19]
  • Don’t be afraid of the work, the benefits are well worth it [33:21]

When you go back and act as your own best friend and relive past events with the right tools and embrace past events and learn the lessons needed, you can let go of pain and hurting and evolve past the pain into who you are and need to be, taking the lesson along with you.

Our great thanks to Allana Pratt for her time and insights. What a wonderful opportunity to hear from her today.  Allana Pratt can be contacted at and through her podcast “Intimate Conversations”.

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