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I recently met a man who taught me a lesson in patience and compassion who was the caregiver for his wife who is suffering from a severe illness. I could tell from our conversation that he was experiencing a level of burnout from being a constant caregiver. I suggested that he get some R and R and asked if he was struggling with resentment or bad temper in dealing with his wife and the struggles of her illness.

His answer was very impactful for me, and I wanted to share with you. He told me that he has infinite patience and compassion for what his wife is going through. He never gets ruffled. I asked him how he accomplishes that and he told me that the memories he’s made with his wife over 30 years of marriage and the memories of the times they spent together building their life is what sustains him now.

“She would do the same for me, I know.”  We’ve had so many good years together and I did promise “in sickness and in health” – so yeah, that’s where we are now.

It really impacted me to share that these are the good times, and the memories that you are making with your partner are what are going to sustain you during any hard times you may have to face in the future. It’s all about patience and compassion. This comes from loving for a lifetime.

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