14 05, 2020

Pets During Isolation


Our world is on lockdown and we are self-isolating to slow the contagion of the Coronavirus COVID-19. If you are an extrovert who lives alone you may be very tempted to go see a friend or invite someone over, but the isolation is for all of our protection.  Have you considered getting a pet? The [...]

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7 05, 2020

Family Fun: Isolation Activities


Kids are home, most of you (I hope) are staying home. Social isolation and physical distancing is beginning to take its toll for some of you. Patience is wearing thin, kids are bored and grumpy, and they may just be getting on your last nerve right about now. If you’re at your wits end, why [...]

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24 06, 2019

Emotional Support Animals


Emotional support animals, or ESA’s, aid people with medical or mental health issues. ESAs are usually dogs, but can be cats or other animals. They help with detecting blood sugar spikes in diabetics, protect children who have seizures and they also have great success in assisting people with emotional trauma, PTSD and anxiety issues.  The [...]

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6 06, 2018

Patience and Compassion


I recently met a man who taught me a lesson in patience and compassion who was the caregiver for his wife who is suffering from a severe illness. I could tell from our conversation that he was experiencing a level of burnout from being a constant caregiver. I suggested that he get some R [...]

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