//Do opposites attract? Personality Types and Communication with Alex Swire Clark

Alex Swire-Clark is Stuart’s Guest on Episode 166 of The Couples Expert Podcast. Alex is a human behavioral and communications expert with a background in education. He’s got some insight to share on a model of human behavior that impacts relationships. Stuart brought him on the podcast to talk about communication issues between personalities in a marriage.

June means that wedding season is in full swing so this episode is rather timely in that the discussion is geared towards communication in marriage. Listen in as Stuart welcomes Alex to to the podcast and they delve into some of these very important topics.

What you’ll learn on today’s podcast:

  • Defining your role in the marriage/relationship is the challenge [5:30]
  • Personality styles defined DISC [12:22]
  • How personalities interact with others in relationships [16:20]
  • How you complement each other even if you’re opposites [19:00]
  • Communication between the styles both verbal and non-verbal [22:06]

Being ignorant of each other’s personality styles can cause problems as we approach and communicate to connect emotionally with our partners. Digging deeper gives us a greater understanding of what we each need in our relationships to feel connected, loved and important to our partners and spouses. As Stuart says, knowledge is power, and these insights are so valuable in teaching us how to approach our partners and communicate in ways they can receive and understand fully our intentions and desires. This can only make your relationship better!

We are grateful to Alex Swire-Clark for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with The Couples Expert, and to you, our listeners for taking the time to listen.

You can learn more about what Alex does on his website, where you can also purchase the personality test online.

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