Marriage Counseling: Do Opposites Attract?

We can’t control who we fall in love with (and who would want to), can we? It’s a matter of connection, of chemistry and of timing, really. Falling in love and being in love is the best feeling in the world.  But, what if the person you’re falling in love with is the exact opposite of you?

You’re an introvert, and they’re a crazy party animal. You’re an organized “everything in its place” housekeeper and they’re a slovenly mess. Sound familiar? The question is, what is in store for you if you’re falling in love with your opposite?

Two things are for certain:

  1. You can either try to change them and drive yourself crazy, be frustrated at every turn, or come to the conclusion that you’re falling in love with someone who is totally wrong for you


  1. You can celebrate the wonderful person they are, enjoy the chaos and adventure they bring into your life and find a balance between what you feel is important and what they do.

Falling in love and being in love is a beautiful thing. Opposites do attract and being with your opposite can be a whole lot of fun! Don’t ruin it by being too stringent, rigid or inflexible. Having your opposite in your life will allow you both to find some place where you can meet in the middle and both of your lives can be expanded and enriched by the experience.

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