9 09, 2021

A Toxic Relationship Can Be The Price of Silence


A toxic relationship at times are very quiet. I always encourage couples to talk things out to talk about everything. Talk about the hard stuff, talk about feelings. Let it be perfectly clear how you both are feeling at any given time so that you can use that as a starting off point to get [...]

A Toxic Relationship Can Be The Price of Silence2021-09-09T18:27:26+00:00
27 08, 2021

Loving Kindness In The Home


Loving kindness in the home can be quite difficult. In this challenging time we are subjected to stress, anxiety, fear, and bombarded with reports of violence, war and crime. Political correctness seems to have gone out of vogue in 2021, and “Telling it like it is” is all the rage. The problem with that is [...]

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21 08, 2021

Couples Arguments Regrets: Always choose the loving path


Couples arguments bring up lots of feeling for all those involved. You don’t have to attend to every argument you’re invited to. It’s simply better not to engage in the negative interactions showing caring and love for your partner. Choose the loving path. While you may feel you need to defend yourself, your honor, your [...]

Couples Arguments Regrets: Always choose the loving path2021-08-19T18:14:36+00:00
13 08, 2021

Getting A Divorce Is Excruciating


Getting a divorce is excruciating painful. I am not an attorney nor do I play one on television, as disclaimers these days often point out, so this article will not be offering legal advice. I often do not speak about the ending of a marriage because I do believe that couples who want to resolve [...]

Getting A Divorce Is Excruciating2021-08-12T17:29:30+00:00
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