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26 02, 2020

Why Ultimatums Don’t Work


If you’ve ever run up against an ultimatum in a dispute with your partner you know that it’s a no- win situation. Either you do things their way or suffer the consequences. To give in means you lose your ability to take a stand, and if you do push back, you risk losing it all. [...]

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20 02, 2020

Is PDA ok?


Are PDA (Public Displays of Affection) okay if you’re a grown adult in a relationship?  Is PDA necessary, desirable, or simply in poor taste? Does everyone need to see you and your partner canoodling in a restaurant, or making out at the beach?  Is there a guideline for appropriate PDA or should it all just [...]

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19 02, 2020

Sex & Intimacy


For long term couples, intimacy can be lost over time. It’s not that you don’t love each other anymore, but life has gotten in the way and maybe passion has cooled. Routine kills intimacy; romance fades over time until you’re having sex on a schedule, and it’s getting more difficult to spark that passion that [...]

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13 02, 2020

Valentine’s day – Be more loving


I have a Valentine’s Day challenge for all you couples out there; not only for Valentine’s Day, but for every day. It’s really rather simple. Be more loving toward one another.  I’m not talking about any grand gestures or lavish gifts, but a simple shift in your daily interactions with your partner. Here are some [...]

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