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We all carry some emotional baggage. It can be from being teased as a child, from having a dysfunctional family upbringing, or from adult relationship problems that never were resolved.

If we don’t recognize the symptoms of a negative cycle, we can be doomed to repeat it.

Get rid of that emotional baggage now, before more damage can occur. How do you do that? You do it by going back in time. Take a trip back to when you were in the midst of that negative situation that has you triggered today. Not sure what the cause truly is? Get a counselor to help you figure it out.

You and your partner don’t need to live in an endless loop of a Groundhog Day horror movie. You can identify the problems from the past, become aware of how they are triggering you. It could be a look, a tone or even body language that trips you and takes you back to where you first were hurt. That emotional baggage can be eliminated by working out the lessons of the past and being self-aware of the triggers in the present.

You and your partner deserve better. Get rid of that emotional baggage and create a new story that has a happy ending for you both.  

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