Feeling down? Are you and your partner at odds lately? Do you feel like you say ‘no’ more often than you say ‘yes’?  Here are some ways that you and your partner can get back into a positive groove together; start saying yes more often and feel better and happier together.

Say YES to:

Eating light and healthy: When you are eating the proper nutrition you look and feel better

Sleeping enough: When you get enough sleep you’re less moody and grumpy and are easier to be around

Exercising together: Don’t underestimate the power of the endorphins that your brain releases when you exercise. Bonus: You’ll look better naked!

Resolving issues together: Don’t let things sit and fester. Don’t let the sun set on your disagreements. Say yes to working together on resolving any potential conflicts before they become huge and out of control.

Talking about everything: Make sure you are communicating; there needn’t be any misunderstandings when it comes to how you feel Talk about it all even (or especially) if it’s unpleasant

Having plenty of sex: This may seem like a no brainer but couples don’t always do this. The closer physical and sexual intimacy is, the better you feel about yourself and each other and your relationship. A healthy sex life is a great way to be happier.

Having some alone time: Allow yourselves each the time to be alone. Nobody wants to be with their lover 24/7. There is a burnout factor on that. Take an afternoon or even a day to yourself and come back renewed and with a fresh perspective.

Being kind and considerate to each other: Say yes to being kind. Consider your partner in all of your decisions and think of things that you can do to make them happier. If you’re both doing this, it’s going to have a positive impact on your relationship as a whole.

You’re going to find that the more you say yes and move into a positive pattern with your partner, the more you’ll find things to say yes to. Break away from negativity and look at all the positives you and your partner have, beginning with your relationship. Life can be a happy place as long as you have each other.

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