2311, 2016

How to Have A Healthy Relationship During Thanksgiving

Thank you for joining us and welcome to Episode 87 of the Couples Expert Podcast! In this week’s show Stuart talks about how we can have [...]

1711, 2016

Keeping Your Relationship New and Fun

Welcome to Episode 86 of the Couples Expert Podcast! In this week’s episode Stuart is discussing how to help couples to take their relationship from “good”, [...]

1011, 2016

How To Disarm the Money Land Mines in Your Relationship

Welcome to Episode 85 of The Couples Expert Podcast   Stuart’s guest this week is Emily Bouchard, MSSW. Emily works with couples and families about money [...]

411, 2016

Substance Abuse and the Impact on Relationships

Welcome to Episode 84 of the Couples Expert Podcast! Stuart’s guest for this week’s podcast is Robert Cox discussing substance abuse and alcoholism. Robert counsels [...]

2710, 2016

Don’t Let Your Marriage Spook You (out of your relationship) Into Divorce

Welcome to Episode 83 of the Couples Expert Podcast. In this Halloween- themed episode Stuart gives couples who’ve been “spooked” in their relationship some alternatives to [...]

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