//Can Online Dating Lead to Marriage? With Guest Marisa Cohen

Welcome to our encore presentation of The Couples Expert podcast with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This episode originally aired in March of 2017.

This is episode 176 of our show. Stuart’s guest on the show is Marisa Cohen, A professor at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY and the Director of the Self-awareness and Bonding Lab. Marisa is an expert in gender differences and science of relationships. Stuart and Marisa will be discussing how online dating impacts couples and what is the possibility that online dating can lead to marriage?

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What you’ll learn from today’s podcast:

  • Why Marisa changed her focus to relationships in school 3:49
  • Attachment theory IS science- based 5:27
  • How online dating impacts relationships and marriage 6:43
  • What men and women lie about on online dating sites 11:45
  • Online dating sites gives socially awkward people a chance to meet people 14:09
  • People can feel free to be more authentic when communicating online 19:38
  • Marisa’s book and work in the lab on the science of relationships 21:40

Understanding yourself is crucial to finding a partner you’re compatible with. Opposites don’t really attract, so who does? Marisa’s app covers the questions you need to be asking a potential partner when you’re in the “getting to know you“ phase of the relationship. These are questions about money, pets, religion, etc. The deep stuff that is going to tell you if this is truly someone you want to pursue a relationship with. Getting to forever is about how you communicate with each other.

We want to thank Marisa Cohen for being on the show and for the work she’s doing in New York.  We’d also like to thank you for taking part of your day to spend with The Couples Expert.

Giveaway: Chapter of the book From First Kiss to Forever giveaway from Marisa Cohen for all the listeners.

Stay tuned next week for another encore performance of the podcast while Stuart enjoys his much-needed and well-deserved vacation.

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