Hello and welcome to this episode of The Couples Expert Podcast with Stuart Fensterheim. This is show #149. We’re so glad you’ve chosen to join us as we talk about love and connection. Stuart’s topic today is the importance of family celebrations. You may wonder what that has to do with your love life or relationship. Stuart believes that the family connections we keep teach our children to model healthy love relationships in the future, and that having a strong bond with your siblings and parents, cousins and elders is extremely important.  Listen as Stuart discusses the importance of coming together for family celebrations.

Stuart is celebrating this month because not only is February the month of love and romance because of Valentine’s Day, his youngest daughter is turning 21! That calls for a family celebration. We all need to take the time to come together to celebrate the all important milestones of life. Make every day count and celebrate life. Time is shorter than we realize and it passes oh, so quickly.

What you’ll learn from today’s podcast:

  • Kids need family support to break away and forge their own paths 5:00
  • Family celebrations affect the future  10:00
  • Why children should know their grandparents 14:00
  • How we can celebrate our family  18:30
  • How your partner interacts with family is an indicator for your future 19:14
  • Setting healthy boundaries when you disagree  22:23
  • Family looks out for one another and builds confidence  24:10

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You want to create that support system that allows you and your family members, siblings and kids to step out with the confidence that they have someone who is rooting for them. They need to know you have their back, no matter what. You may not always agree with family, but you never stop loving them. If you can’t support them in their choices or agree with their opinions you can agree to disagree and it doesn’t have to affect the relationship.

Make that effort to see and speak to your family members, especially those that are far away. It’s never too late to repair family bonds, get help from a family counselor if you need to. Your family is where you come from; it’s a part of you that cannot be denied.

That’s not to say that you have to tolerate anyone who is toxic or negative. We don’t have to keep harmful people in our lives. If you’re someone who is estranged from your family, go create your own with people you love, your friends can become that support system that you’re lacking. We need our family and we need to recognize the importance of family celebrations.

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