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1903, 2018

Relationship Advice: Sharing your Sexual Past with your Partner

Should you or shouldn’t you share your sexual past? The subject often comes up in new relationships in the discovery and getting to know each other phase. Newly formed relationships between sexually active adults [...]

1903, 2018

Relationship Advice: Can I Talk To You?

When you’re in a committed relationship you should be able to talk to each other about everything. This requires trust and authentic communication. You have to be able to trust your partner with your [...]

1503, 2018

Marriage Counseling: What are you fighting for?

Do you fight about seemingly trivial issues and escalate them into WWIII? If this is your M.O. as a couple what does it mean for the future of your relationship? All couples fight, that’s [...]

1203, 2018

Marriage Counseling: The Best Case Scenario

You’ve heard the old adage, “Expect the worst and hope for the best”?  I think you should go one step beyond that when it comes to your relationship with your partner. You should plan [...]

703, 2018

Relationship Advice: Are you starring in a porn film?

You can find everything on the Internet. Porn is everywhere! It seems like a rite of passage for most young men especially to be introduced to all the possible sex acts out there online. [...]

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