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2009, 2017

Calm the Storms in Your Relationship

We’re hearing about hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and storms all over our great country. We’re powerless against the forces of Mother Nature. What about the storms in your life? Do you have storms in your [...]

1909, 2017

Marriage Counseling: Revive Your Love Life with Play

  Couples come to me in my Couples Expert practice for a variety of reasons. One issue that many of them have in common is lack of intimacy, physical closeness and a lack of [...]

1809, 2017

In Other Words: “I Love You”

  There are so many ways to show our loved ones we care. We don’t always do it, even when we feel it. You may not always want to say the words, “I love [...]

1309, 2017

7 Ways to Sunday

Being in a long term committed relationship takes effort, but it’s so worth it.  Here’s a list of one thing you can do each day of the week to cement the bond you have [...]

1109, 2017

Relationship Advice: Heading Over the Hill, Life After 60

I saw a quote the other day that brought a smile and a chuckle and I decided to use it as the basis for my article today. When you get up in age past [...]

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