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1501, 2018

Marriage Counseling: Reduced to Roommate Status

This week on The Couples Expert I’m addressing a condition that happens far too often in long term relationships. It happens when couples become stuck in a relationship that has their great, burning, passionate [...]

1001, 2018

The importance of compassion and kindness

We’re coming out of the season of giving and it reminds me that there are some good things about the holidays that we should attempt to continue throughout the year. Compassion and Kindness are [...]

901, 2018

In Loving Memory Ollie Fensterheim 2007-2018

My dog Ollie passed away Sunday unexpectedly. We think it was a heart attack or stroke. He was fine one minute, and then he was down, and shortly thereafter, he was gone. While we’re [...]

901, 2018

Marriage Counseling: A wake up call to do better

In the same way that a health scare like a heart attack or cancer can be a wakeup call for you to pay better attention to the state of your health and how you [...]

701, 2018

Worthy Goals for 2018

Throw away your New Year’s Resolutions and set some achievable and worthy goals for you and your partner for 2018. These are 10 suggestions that will set you and your partner up for a [...]

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