Loving kindness in the home can be quite difficult. In this challenging time we are subjected to stress, anxiety, fear, and bombarded with reports of violence, war and crime. Political correctness seems to have gone out of vogue in 2021, and “Telling it like it is” is all the rage. The problem with that is that there are anger, resentment and negative feelings in the telling.  It’s time for those of us who want to move beyond this current climate to a calmer happier time to set a precedent of peace.  This can be done in your home, your family, and your relationship and can set the tone for your interactions with friends and loved ones wherever you go.

I  talk a lot about being kind to each other, to act in loving ways and to demonstrate loving kindness in your home. Your home should be that safe haven, that quiet harbor where you can shut out the noise from the news, and social media. Where you and your partner and family can just be together in unity and harmony and just be in love with each other. If your home is not as I described, you can make it more harmonious and happy by taking some simple steps outlined below. Set a precedent of peace for everyone to follow and make your home the best place to be.

  • Be a peacemaker. When discussions get intense and the potential for argument is there, you be the one to diffuse the situation. Bring solutions, make constructive suggestions and bring the energy levels back down to a manageable level without taking sides. Unless you do this your home will not have loving kindness.


  • Check yourself at the door.  If you have work problems or outside influences working on you and you are worrying or stressed about them, do your best not to bring that in and dump it on your spouse or family. Wait to bring it up until things are quiet and you and your partner can discuss things rationally and come up with solutions. It’s very difficult to resolve things when emotions are running high. Your family deserves the best of you when you walk through that door.


  • Teach your children peaceful ways.  This should start early on. Hands and words are not for hurting; even very young children can learn this concept. Instead, teach your kids to be loving and caring about others not just themselves. Children are naturally selfish and it’s our job to teach them to care about others. 


  • Don’t attend every argument you’re invited to. Be confident in yourself and where you stand and prioritize what matters most to you. Be centered and don’t allow others to rattle you or bait you into disagreements. Sometimes it’s much better to take the high road and let the other person think and say what they will without engaging or responding.


  • Be the change you’re hoping for.  We can look to others to make things better, but unless we work on “us”, nothing will change. Strive to be the person who acts, not just reacts, in all you interactions with your partner and your family and friends. 


When you set the tone of kindness, act in loving ways and set the precedent for peace in your relationship and your home, you encourage others to follow your lead and to react in kind.