Sharing each others hobby in your relationship should be your goal When you and your partner have different interests and hobbies, where do you find the common ground in your relationship? You need to look for this


We don’t always know what attracts us to someone. Sometimes opposites attract, sometimes we’re looking for someone who has qualities we admire, that we may lack in ourselves.  We fall in love for a myriad of reasons. Often, shared interests and having a similar hobby are at the heart of what draws us to each other. However there are cases where people fall in love and discover they don’t have a whole lot else in common. Perhaps it was a physical or sexual attraction, or maybe you fell in love with your partner’s intellect or sense of humor. All of these reasons are completely valid. Then you find you really have differing interests and like few if any, of the same hobbies or activities. What do you do then. Look for the commonalities in your interests. 


I say let you be you! If you love biking and nature hikes and your partner loves books and snuggling on the couch then so be it. Both of you may have a hobby that you can enjoy separately or together.  Each of you deserves to pursue what you love without guilt or opposition from your partner. Give each other room to win. Just because you don’t like what your partner is doing, that doesn’t mean you should talk it down or try to talk them out of doing it. Instead, be understanding and supportive of their choices. Be willing to participate in each others activities and see the joy in your partners face and feeling life is fun when you do things together

Want to run a marathon? Go train and run your heart out. Your partner should be there at the finish line or at the end of the training session and encouraging you along the way. Even if its not your hobby support each others need to do things that give you pleasure.  Support your partner in what they love, be their cheerleader and encourage them to be their best. Give each other room to win.



If you only went to sporting events when you were dating but secretly hated them, fess up and come clean. Tell your partner what moves you and they should encourage you to pursue that on your own. The mark of an understanding partner is that they will encourage you and be happy for you even when it’s something that they don’t care for. Simply because it makes you happy, they should be willing to support it. However doing things your partner enjoys is also important. Focus on spending time together and less on the activity. Look for the joy in the sharing.

I do recommend that you find something that you both enjoy and make that your “thing”. It might be a compromise but it’s important for your relationship to have something that you do and build on together. Take a class together; learn something new that you have never done before. Challenge each other in a little friendly competition. Have fun and share something together that you can make memories with and it will help to keep you connected. All the while be free to pursue those things that feed your soul individually and together.