We spend a great deal of time looking for that next best thing looking for love is just one of those things. . The new career, the one that makes more money, gives more prestige, or that new car, new house, new ________fill in the blank that is going to give us that satisfied feeling. We’ll know it when we find it, if we ever do.

This type of mindset has been ruinous for a lot of marriages and relationships. If you’re always out after the next best thing, you’re never allowing yourself to be happy with what you have right here, right now. Looking for love inside your home is the answer. 

You can spend your entire life searching, unsatisfied, and then when you come to the end of the search, you might very well find, as Dorothy did in the Wizard of Oz, that what you’ve been searching for has been there all along. You didn’t need to look any farther than your own backyard to find that your life really is pretty great.

There are things that we often forget, or miss, in our everyday lives. We get so busy looking for that next big thing that we fail to appreciate what we already have and to be grateful for the blessings that are right in front of our noses. Looking for love elswhere than the one you have is a tragic thing. If you stop and think about it, your life is pretty great! If not great, good, and it definitely could always be worse, right?

Start with your relationship; your marriage, your partnership. You had the darn luck to meet a wonderful person and fall in love with them, and wonder of wonders, they loved you back! What a joy and blessing that is all on its own.  They married you, you had kids together, or traveled, or built a home together, built a pretty nice life together… Maybe you have grandchildren, or pets? You have a lifetime of experiences with your partner either behind or ahead of you, why would you look anywhere else? What could possibly be better than that? 


When you wake up each day, I challenge you to find one thing to be grateful for. Look out the window and take a moment to listen to the birds singing, look over at your partner, see the sun on their face, and just be in that moment and realize how fortunate you are to have a day like this, a person like this, a life like this. 

It’s not all roses and it’s certainly not perfect, I realize, but you can make it better by being mindful and grateful just one moment of every day.  If you can be grateful more than once throughout your day, you can develop a mentality of mindfulness and an attitude of gratitude that will elevate each moment in each day to a joyful and wonderful thing. What you’re looking for has been there all along. Once you see this, you are living in a better world.