We love our partners. But are they your best friend forever? That’s why we live together, get married, and grow old together. With everything that is currently happening in the world, it’s more important than ever that you not only love your partner, but that you like them as well. 

Life has changed for all of us, and you and your partner may be spending far more time together than you ever have before. If both of you worked full-time before you were locked down in isolation, you may only have seen each other in passing every morning and for a few hours at night and on your days off. It’s easy to overlook your partner’s rough edges or habits you don’t like when you’re not together all the time. They might not look like a best friend forever at the present time. 

Now, you and your partner may be spending a great deal more time together and finding out some good and not so good things about your relationship. This is a perfect opportunity to learn about each other again, to talk about the things that matter to you both and to get closer. 

If you and your partner are already best friends forever and talk about everything, more power to you, but if you are feeling like you’re out of touch with your partner, fear not. Start by making friends again. Talk to your partner about the things you have in common and the memories that you have made together. Talk about feelings and what this time of life is bringing you both. Ask for your partner’s perspective on things; ask for their opinion on the issues that are important to you. Plan and participate in activities that you both can share.

Do stuff together; make memories; become familiar again. Ramp up on the physical aspect of your relationship and get closer. Remember why you fell in love and why you chose this person to spend your life with. Talk about how things are going to change for you in the near and distant future. Make plans and take steps towards making those plans a reality. 

Things look uncertain now, but they won’t always be. You and your partner may be under a lot of stress from different sources, but if you have each other; a really good friend and lover to share your troubles with, they are far easier to bear. Be kind and patient with each other, be encouraging and be your partner’s new best friend. The love and joy that comes from having a lover who is also a best friend is unsurpassed.  

It may seem like now is not a time to be happy, but I would say, with everything challenging you in this life, being happy together is a victory and a success you can celebrate.  My hope is that you both come out of this closer, more emotionally connected to yourself and each other, and more in love than ever.  When things get tough, that’s when love overcomes.