There is  a common problem for an empty nester whose children have left the home. Many couples find this time in their life to be a difficult one where they feel disconnected from their partner after many years of “the children” being the focal point of their marriage. Your emotional and physical relations may have been something you just expect to take care of itself. Working on this may have been neglected but it is never too late. If you are an empty nester and you feel like you don’t know your partner anymore, or as if you are living with a stranger these four tips were put together to help you revitalize your relationship.  You are not alone and its never to late to rectify this.

1. Evaluate Your Relationship 

Evaluate your relationship. Let go of past hurts and create a “partner-centered” marriage if you didn’t have one before. This may mean getting to know each other all over again, and that’s okay! 

2. Do More Things Together As a Couple 

Increase the amount of activities that the two of you do together like attending religious services, reading a book together, volunteering, going for walks, playing games together, and more. 


 3. Connect with Other Empty Nesters 

Talking to or spending time with other people who also is an empty nester is good for you and your partner. Feeling sad after your children are all out of the home is natural, and knowing that you are not going through this experience alone is beneficial for both you and your partner.  This is common for an empty nester

4. Increase Intimacy 

One aspect of being an empty nester is needing to focus on being more affectionate and loving towards your partner. The increase in physical intimacy will draw the two of you closer and strengthen your emotional bond with one anothe