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We all have likes and dislikes, things we long for; places we wish we could visit; wishes, hopes and dreams for the future. We spend a great deal of time thinking and hoping and planning for these things, even if they never come to pass. Some of these dreams are achievable, some are outlandish and may even seem absurd, but it seems to be the nature of humans to dream these dreams whether or not they will ever come true. We own them, they’re ours, our private fantasies and alternate realities that may or may not ever become real life. 

When we partner up in a love relationship we begin to share our lives with our person. We may even share some of the heretofore private thoughts, wishes and dreams. They become the joint property of the couple. If you can pay attention when your partner shares these dreams with you, you might be the catalyst to help make them come true. 

When you know and take heed to your partner’s likes and dislikes, you can make a small effort to make a big difference in their day. You can avoid unpleasant interactions by being considerate and thinking of what your partner likes and dislikes. Don’t wait for a special occasion. Do something just because.

You can go that extra step to be considerate and mindful of what your partner enjoys and what they do not.  Take steps to help your partner’s dream become reality. Talk about those things that are meaningful to each of you and try your best to keep them at the forefront when you’re making plans or have time to spend. 

In the end of a long-term relationship, what will be best remembered are those kindnesses and that consideration; it’s not the big bold gestures or expensive gifts. It’s the little things that become the big things in the end. 


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