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If your partner is one of millions of essential employees who is keeping our country running and caring for the sick during the coronavirus outbreak he or she is an unknown hero.  For you, being left at home to isolate may have your mind in a whirl, worrying about your partner, yourself and /or your family.

Sure, they’re going to work just like every other day, but it’s a different world we’re living in today with Covid-19 risk. You’re probably feeling anxious and worried about your partner, fearful that he or she might bring the virus home to you. Maybe they’ll infect one of your kids, or an elderly relative that lives with you. These are all valid concerns, and it’s perfectly normal that you should be worried.

One of the things that will help you to know is that soap and water will kill the virus on your skin, on surfaces and distancing yourself from your partner until they are showered and in clean clothes is the best protection you and your family can have. Follow some simple steps for re-entry into the home to help ease your mind. 

  • Stop in the garage to change shoes, leave outside shoes out in the garage.
  • Go directly to shower and put on clean clothes, dirty clothes and masks go directly into the washing machine or inside a plastic trash bag in the garage to be laundered later. 
  • Clean body, clean clothes and keeping your distance for 2-3 hours are good ways  to protect yourself and your family from contagion. 

If you’re stressed and worried, chances are your partner is too. Reassure each other that you’re both doing all you can to minimize the risk, but it’s okay to acknowledge that you both carry that fear with you all the time. 

Encourage each other, do your best to be grateful, mindful and careful to stay safe and at minimal risk. 

If you believe your partner has been exposed, have them tested right away if possible. Be prepared to quarantine if you have been exposed. Nobody in or out for two weeks.  We are all working hard to slow the spread of this disease. Thank you to all on the frontlines and to their partners who are living with the risk and worry every single day. 


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