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The reopening of our economy in America has begun. State by state, county by county, businesses are opening, the economy is being rebooted, and people are going back to work. The rules change by state and by county so this re-opening will look different to us depending upon where we are in the country. Unless you and your partner have been going out to work this entire quarantine season, this change is going to affect your relationship with your partner.

This time of staying together at home may have felt like a vacation for you both. There have been ample opportunities for you to spend time together, play together and bond even closer with one another. Now that this time is ending, and America is reopening the economy,  it may feel scary or uncertain to you knowing that you’ll be apart. Will this mean you’ll lose that closeness and feeling of togetherness you’ve had during lockdown?  Maybe you’re worried that when your partner goes back to work that you won’t seem as important to them as you have been during isolation.  Could it be that you feel jealous that they won’t be spending time w/ you and their focus isn’t on you in the same way as it was before? 

If you’re feeling any of these worries and concerns, don’t think you’re alone in this. This is going to be the experience for many couples. How do we deal with it? You deal by communicating your concerns in a loving way and by your partner reassuring you that your place in their heart and life are cemented there and unshakeable. 

There are still contagion issues to be dealt with. The fact that the country is reopening the economy doesn’t mean that the virus has gone away. In fact it’s quite the opposite and now that more people are going to be out and about, the contagion risk is even higher than before. It’s very important that both you and your partner work together on a re-entry plan. That you continue to wash hands and use disinfectants, that you keep your distance and if you are in the vulnerable category for the virus due to age or underlying medical issues, be sure that you and your partner practice rigid hygiene and exposure methods. Go to work and come home, and don’t see other people. Don’t linger in conversation and contact with others. It may be easy to fall back into old habits, feeling free and out in the world again, but be mindful. I strongly recommend at this time the wearing of a mask whenever possible.

If your partner is vulnerable, you may be worried and anxious for their safety. You can be helpful by supporting them in doing the things that will keep you both safe.  Remind each other about washing your hands when you get home. Do your best to remind each other how important you are to one another and how it’s more crucial than ever that you keep your quarantine relationship and routines as close to the way they’ve been; even while one or both of you are going out into the workplace again.  

There are a lot of uncertainties in the world right now. Your love relationship doesn’t have to be one of them. Stay strong, stay unified and as a team you can face the future together. 


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