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Couples thrive when they share important thoughts and feelings. When two people interact together and work as a team for a common cause, showing kindness in service to others, they become more united and in synch. Today’s world can seem bleak and heartless, negative and sad. We hear more about the bad things that happen than we do the good. You and your partner can help to change that.  

The fact is, there is really a lot more good going on in the world than you may realize. It’s just not publicized the way the negative “news “is. There are good people working every day to make a positive impact on their community and you can be a part of that. 

The winter months magnify hardships that people face in your community, and this time of year gives you ample opportunities to be of service to others. Homelessness is a huge issue in our country, so many hurting and hopeless people out there trying to survive. There are coat drives, gift donations, food give aways and many other charity events. You can “adopt” a family or a child for the holidays and buy some gifts for the needy. Perhaps you know someone personally who could use a little help.  Most of us don’t have to look far to see someone in need. You can give to help homeless veterans on the street, volunteer at a food bank, go through your closet and give to a winter coat drive;  help serve at a soup kitchen. 

November 13 is the International Day of Kindness, you can observe this day by doing a kindness for someone in need. Kindness is a free gift that you can bestow over and over again. I would like to challenge you to do some kind of service to others this holiday season as a couple and see if it doesn’t bring you and your partner closer together. Celebrate your love by sharing it with your community.  I’d love to have you come back and comment what you did and tell me how it went for you.  Everyone has something to give, if you can’t give money, give your time, give a kind word, do a small kindness for somebody. It feels good to help others. 


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