//Banish Boredom in the Bedroom

This is an Encore Presentation, this podcast originally aired in November of 2017. 

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of The Couples Expert Podcast. Your host Stuart Fensterheim has some insights to share with his listeners today about intimate partner relationships and sexual intimacy with your partner; specifically about banishing boredom from your bedroom. Stuart has talked about this before. Monogamy is sexy, don’t ever forget it. You can have the best physical relationship of your life now and for the rest of your lives together. Listen in for this sexy and important discussion.

Admitting you have a problem or complaints in this area is important, to begin with. You and your partner may be having regular sex but it’s become too routine and boring.  It’s not a horrible thing if this is your case, but you do need to acknowledge that it’s happening and be ready and willing to make changes to improve your relationship.

When Stuart sees clients for counseling and they have this issue, the reason is more likely that the two partners are disconnected emotionally. If they work on the emotional closeness, they can vastly improve the sexual component of their relationship.

What you’ll learn from today’s podcast:

  • Reasons why you might not be having sex [4:40]
  • Change up your routine, have sex outside of the bedroom [5:52]
  • Non- sexual affectionate touching for your sexual relationship [8:28]
  • If you are daring, you can have sexy adventures to improve your sex life Stuart suggests some things you can try.  [13:51]
  • Dress to impress and slow it down when you are in the mood [21:40]
  • Fantasy and role play can excite the relationship, use toys! [23:00]
  • Changing it up is transformational [25:30]
  • Get playful and have fun! [26:32]

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