The Importance of the Father and Son Relationship

//The Importance of the Father and Son Relationship

Hi and welcome to The Couples Expert with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This is episode 184 of our show, and it is dedicated to Alvin Fensterheim. Today Stuart is talking about the importance of Father and Son relationships. The relationship between a father and son is one of the most important relationship. This relationship will lead to a good relationship with your spouse.

Stuart’s own Dad passed away almost 1 year ago, and his experience with the loss of that important relationship.  Stuart and his wife went to New York city recently where his Father is buried. Stuart’s family spent time reflecting on his Father, Alvin’s life, and the ending of a year of Shiva.

What you’ll learn from today’s podcast:

  • Love is the absolute most important thing you can share with your family [7:25]
  • Teach your son about being a man, in the truest sense [9:45]
  • Demonstrate every single day that love is pathways to having a good life [13:55]
  • Having shared interests [16:20]
  • You should never do anything in your life that you don’t enjoy [17:38]
  • Dedication to your family [23:13]
  • Negativity about Grandparents needs to be off-limits [23:40]
  • Building projects together [25:00]
  • Demonstrate to your son, that you care about what they think and feel [26:32]
  • As Fathers we need to focus on the positives with our sons [28:00]
  • God picked us to be together [30:55]
  • We are one family [32:50]
  • Spirituality [34:12]

The father and son relationship will establish that both of you feel loved and important. You are lucky to have one another. Those messages echoing back for years and years, makes your relationship really important.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for spending part of your day with The Couples Experts. We hope you enjoyed the show and take away something meaningful to your relationship. Until next time stay connected!

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