//Infidelity from a Female Perspective with guest Alicia Taverner: Encore Presentation

Welcome to our encore presentation of The Couples Expert podcast with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This episode originally aired in September of 2016.

This is episode 174 of our show. Stuart’s guest today is Alicia Taverner. Alicia is a MFT therapist in CA working with people on trust issues and helping women find the calm within the storms in their lives. Alicia and Stuart are discussing infidelity from a female perspective. Thanks for listening.

Stuart talks a bit about his passion for the work that he does and gives a run down on his past occupations and how he ended up as The Couples Expert.

What you’ll learn from today’s podcast:

  • Introduction to Alicia and how she became a therapist [7:31]
  • You can’t go back after an affair, you must start over [11:05]
  • The differences Stuart has with an attachment theory approach [15:35]
  • Therapy digs deeper to a place of vulnerability [19:25]
  • How can you know infidelity won’t happen again? [22:30]
  • Affairs are not simply sexual [24:03]
  • Where the apology comes in  [30:35]
  • That moment where the couple believes they can go on together [34:32]

Doing therapy work (done the right way) causes personal growth on the part of the therapist. It’s wonderful to know that our counselors can grow in empathy and caring through the work they do with others.

Connect with Alicia:

Thank you again to Alicia Taverner for this great interview. Thank you to all the listeners who took time out of your day to listen to The Couples Expert. Tune in next week for another great encore presentation of The Couples Expert. Until then, stay connected!

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