//Using Sex as a Weapon

Hello and welcome to The Couples Expert Podcast. Stuart is talking today about a subject you don’t hear much about. It’s an adult subject, so please use discretion when listening or use your headphones! This is episode 169 of our podcast. Listen as Stuart talks about using sex as a weapon or for leverage in the relationship. Have you ever done that? You’d be surprised how many couples do.

Summer is here and we’re all spending more time with our partners and families. Stuart recommends taking couples vacations to spend time and connect with your partner. Work on your relationships and get closer and more connected. Remember how important your intimate life is, and cultivate that.  

What you’ll learn from today’s podcast:

  • The impact on couples who can’t be in the same space together [3:44]
  • You need to examine your commitment if you feel like leaving your shared space  [8:03]
  • Sex is an essential ingredient to a happy and satisfying relationship [9:20]
  • If you can be satisfied with having an unhappy partner that’s the beginning of a problem [10:54]
  • Helping you feel loved should be your partner’s passion [13:15]
  • We all need to be touched and loved; it’s a part of our emotional connection [15:55]
  • When you’re taking away your partner’s access to you, your relationship is in trouble [17:27]

If you are using sex as a weapon it’s a symptom of a far greater problem. The commitment you make in your relationship is to stay together, stay exclusively sexual with your partner and to keep yourself for them only. If you begin to use that aspect of your relationship as leverage to manipulate the relationship, you’re taking something far more important than sex away from your partner.

The feeling that your partner can’t be trusted or you don’t have them to rely on is one of the most painful and lonely places to be in a relationship. Both of you need to be fully committed to working through your struggles and challenges together- Tough it out. Stay in the same room, keep your physical connection and continue to touch and be intimate with each other so you don’t lose that feeling of emotional security and connection to one another.

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