//When you are one foot out the door, how do you get in?

Hi and welcome back to The Couples Expert Podcast with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This week’s topic is “One foot out the door and how to fix it.”  This is episode 161 of our show. The meaning behind the title, as you will soon see, is more about being fully invested in your relationship. When you’re all in as in poker, you don’t leave yourself an “out.” That’s what Stuart will be discussing in this very important podcast episode today.

See Stuart’s Facebook Live (below) on the gratitude he has for all of you that listen to the podcast. Thank you for taking the time to listen in. He recorded the Live on April 18, 2018.

Stuart talks about how he has recommitted to his faith since his Dad passed away and has joined a men’s group through the temple.

He had an opportunity to honor his Dad’s memory by reading from the Torah at a service in the synagogue. Stuart and Debbie were invited to a Kentucky Derby party at a friend’s on Cinco de Mayo, which is the same Saturday as the service in the temple.  He thought hard about the conflict and prayed about it and decided that it was more important to him and his relationship with his wife to spend that Saturday with Debbie and their friends, making the relationship more important than anything else. After all, he’d already bought the hat!  

Stuart will continue to honor his Dad in his religious practice, but felt that Dad’s emphasis on the importance of family and relationships warranted his staying with Debbie for this social event that means so much to them. Stuart made the choice to devote the time to his relationship with Debbie and choosing love.

What you’ll learn from today’s episode:

  • Nothing matters more than your relationship [8:46]
  • Feeling alone in a struggling relationship is a terrible place [11:09]
  • The foundation has to be built to move forward [15:56]
  • Begin to talk about the things you need to do to feel the connection you’ve lost [20:02]
  • Be invested, be romantic, take it one day at a time. Show that commitment every day. [22:24]

It’s so important to set aside time that’s special just for the two of you. Start courting your partner, call or text them during the day. Think about them when you’re apart. Begin to do things together like you did when you were dating.  Go along and don’t complain. Make it about sharing fun times with your partner and making it a good experience for them. Ask more frequent questions about how they’re doing and feeling. 

Take a look at yourself and work on those things that might be causing problems for the two of you. Those things you can change within yourself. If you’re overcommitting time with kid activities, back off a little and schedule couples time as a priority.

Date, flirt and play together and make it romantic. Get away together and just have fun and be sweet to each other, make it about having an emotional connection together. Special time together is so important. Have you gone all in?

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Until next time –  Go all in with each other and stay connected!


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