//Failing our way to true love with Guest Amy Lyle

Hi and welcome to The Couples Expert podcast with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This is episode 158 of our show. This week’s podcast is so much fun. Stuart’s guest is author Amy Lyle. While Amy is not a couple’s expert, she brings a fresh take to our podcast with her Book of Failures and her unique and humorous perspective on love and relationships.

Amy was restless in her stay at home mom role so she took a job with a non-profit and began writing. A self-described “Domestic Disaster”, her new book talks about how everything has a humorous side and your attitude is what matters. Her experience as a mom and wife gives her a layperson’s take on love and relationships.

What you’ll learn on today’s podcast:

  • Amy’s background and what prompted her to write her book [5:30]
  • Our kids are embarrassing [23:26]

Stories make us feel better help us relate, and the more embarrassing it is, the more people can relate. If we’re going to present ourselves as authentic in our personal and professional lives, we can use our embarrassing moments as a way of being grounded and humble. Don’t be afraid to be who you are!

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The Failures of My Friends is the next project Amy is working on and she would love to hear your biggest failure. You can send it to her, and maybe it will be included in the next book.

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Until next time, keep finding the funny in your lives and stay connected.

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