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Counseling can give you and your partner the tools to truly reconnect and understand each other’s wants and needs. When you are aware of each other’s feelings, your behaviors will start to make a lot more sense. Understanding why each person acts the way they do can help couples come together and reclaim the loving and caring relationship they once had. Your relationship or marriage can become a place where you can express your love in more meaningful ways. It might seem difficult to express what you’re really missing or looking for in your relationship. However, you can find a path to happiness in your marriage and family.For further information on my approach to couples counseling, please call (480) 993-1922 , text (480) 278-9989 or use my contact form below to send me questions, schedule an appointment, or request a free 30-minute telephone consultation.


If Your Marriage or Relationship has Hit Rocky Waters,
You Don’t Have to Navigate the Tough Times Alone.

With marriage and relationship counseling, couples begin to recognize and express their needs for love, connection, and comfort that are often hidden by harsh words and repeated patterns of conflict. These cycles feel impossible to change; however, this change can occur. Don’t let your doubts interfere with you getting the kind of love you want and need.

Family Counseling in Scottsdale

Does your home life seem more like a battlefield than a sanctuary? Do your family members have a hard time interacting and making sense of each other? Are you searching for a way to create a safe, loving relationship for your family?

Typical family concerns are:

  • Parenting skills
  • Financial conflicts
  • Substance abuse by a parent or child
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Sibling conflicts/rivalry
  • Frequent fighting
  • Coping with grief and loss
  • Trauma/Abuse


Family life is complicated. Trying to juggle all the needs and demands of each family member, including yourself, can be daunting. Sometimes it feels impossible to establish a sense of authority as a parent while maintaining a supportive and loving environment.

It might seem like there is no way for your family to get along. Thankfully, you can all work together to become a successful family unit. Family counseling provides an opportunity for family member to work through these issues. You can take positive steps toward reducing conflict and strengthening family connections. If you would like to explore working with me, here’s how we can discuss my approach to  counseling: please call (480) 993-1922, or use  my contact form to connect with me.


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