//Is Social Media Destroying My Marriage?

Hello and welcome to The Couples Expert Podcast with your host Stuart Fensterheim, The Couples Expert. This is episode 140 of our show. Today, Stuart is going to talk about a subject that most of you will be familiar with, and some of you may struggle with: That of the impact of Social Media on your life and relationships. If this doesn’t impact you personally, it may give you a better understanding of how it impacts others you come in contact with.

Our instant information society has changed the way we interact with our peers and with our life partners. This can be a force for good, but when lines are blurred between what constitutes a real-life” relationship versus a virtual relationship, it can become problematic. That’s not to say that the friends you make online and those relationships that are formed are not real, they are. However, they lack a dimension that your “real life” relationships should have. Overuse and abuse of social media time can be detrimental to your love relationships.

What you’ll learn on today’s podcast:

  • Some statistics on social media use [4:40]
  • Why it’s important to connect in real life conversations [6:00]
  • How social media makes it easier to cheat [9:23]
  • There is good news [15:30]
  • Some advice and guidelines for managing social media time [18:22]

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