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Come together for Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukah celebrations that are meaningful and heartfelt by taking these simple steps. It doesn’t have to be costly or take too much time, there’s no stress, and it’s not fattening!

The Couples Expert List of ways to make this holiday season special for you both:

  • Set boundaries: Don’t overextend yourselves. Make sure that you only commit to the gatherings and parties that you both want to attend. Saying no can be difficult, but they’ll be fine celebrating without you.
  • Have a couple’s gift exchange: No kids, no family. Just you and your partner sharing a quiet, special moment where you reaffirm your love and commitment to each other and gift each other with something meaningful.
  • Create your own tradition, just for the two of you:
    If it’s getting up early on Christmas morning before everyone else to share a cup of coffee and a cuddle, or waiting until the kids go to bed Christmas eve to share a glass of eggnog and a quiet moment.  Start something that’s all about you and your partner celebrating in the spirit of the season together.
  • Go on a holiday date: Choose a day between the holidays where you and your partner dress up and go out. See the Nutcracker; go to a play or a holiday concert together. No pressure, no kids, no worries. Just you and your partner enjoying a nice time out together. Dress to impress and make a night of it. There are always special events during the season that you and your partner can enjoy.
  • Get spiritual together: Attend a religious service, a living Nativity or midnight Mass together. If you don’t have a religious affiliation, go hear a choir or go caroling yourselves. Put your hearts into the spiritual meaning of the season.
  • Volunteer to do something for the less fortunate: Whether it’s shopping for toys for tots, adopting a needy family in your town, or taking presents to a women and children’s shelter; there’s always a way that you can share your good fortune and your blessings with others. This type of selfless action will bring you even closer together.
  • Visit your family elders: Not everyone can make it to the holiday table, so you and your partner can go to them. Take the time to sit and listen to the stories and life experiences of those who have gone before you. These quiet visits will enlighten you about where your partner comes from and will help you to connect in a deeper way. Don’t have any elders? Go visit some lonely residents of a local nursing home or care center. Making a difference for someone this holiday season will draw you closer together.

Wishing you all the joys of the season from The Couples Experts!

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