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Choose carefully and ask yourself, is this a lifetime love; the parent of your future children? Do they possess the qualities of a good partner? The traits on the list below are attributes and qualities to look for in a mate. Chemistry is all well and good (and needed), but you need to dig a bit deeper and think about the inner man/woman as well as the outer appearance.

  1. They are authentic. The best love matches are true and authentic. You want a mate that can get real and honest. You know that what you see is what you’re getting.
  2. They never take advantage of others. Some people are always searching for an angle, a way to get around or over on someone. You want a partner that would never take advantage of someone just because they can.
  3. They know when something is bothering someone. Someone who is empathetic and compassionate will know when you’re upset or in need of support. You want that kind of unspoken intuition between you and your loved one.
  4. They believe others. Someone who gives people the benefit of the doubt before judging them is the kind of person who will be a good partner. Adult relationships have no place for jealousy or suspicion.
  5. They apologize first.  A good quality to find in your partner is the ability to admit when they are wrong. So many arguments escalate into fighting when one party refuses to admit they are wrong and are unwilling to apologize to restore the peace.
  6. They are humble. Humility is a beautiful quality to find in a mate.  A humble person will put you first and make your relationship more important than anything else.
  7. They are always kind to those who need it. Kindness is a beautiful virtue to have in a life partner. You will feel cared for and important when you’re in a relationship with a kind and compassionate person.

Of course you may not find someone that has all of these attributes, but even if you can find someone who has a few of them, your relationship will be so much more secure and happy for it.

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