//Is It True That Marriage Will Kill Your Sex Life?

Hello and welcome to episode 128 of The Couples Expert Podcast. Stuart tackles a subject that many of you want to know about. Some of you are dealing with it now, and others are looking forward to or perhaps wondering about it. Today Stuart will be talking about married sex and sex in monogamous relationships. Getting married doesn’t mean your sex life is over. When you’re young, just starting out, you may think that getting married or being in a monogamous relationship is going to mean the end of great sex.  Stuart discusses how in many ways it’s just the opposite. Please note that the content of this podcast relates to adult themes and parental guidance is suggested. Listen as Stuart talks about married sex.

What you’ll learn in today’s podcast:

  • Married sex vs.unmarried sex [1:04]
  • The bachelor party and the aftermath [4:19]
  • Sex is not a science experiment [10:00]
  • What happens in Canada… [11:18]
  • The dream is real [20:40]
  • The keys to the best love life [22:32]

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Thank you so much for spending part of your day with Stuart on the podcast. Until next time, be sexy, stay close and stay connected.

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