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I saw a quote the other day that brought a smile and a chuckle and I decided to use it as the basis for my article today. When you get up in age past 60 everyone tells you you’re “over the hill.” My snappy comeback will now and forever be,” Just remember, once you’re over the hill, you begin to pick up speed!”  It’s a great line and I intend to use it a lot!  Heading over the hill, life after 60 has a lot of different meanings for us. Being The Couples Expert, I’m more inclined to apply it to love and relationships. This is what I think about love and life after 60.

When you get on the other side of the hill, sure you’re older, hopefully you’re better, you’re more self-aware and emotionally strong, and life can be so much more exciting. You might have been through a lot of relationships leading up to now, and even made some dreadful mistakes. We can only hope you’ve learned from those mistakes and this relationship that you’re in now can be the best one and the last one!

When you’re speeding down the other side of the hill you’re living life to its fullest. You know that this might be your last chance to get it right and so you work harder at it. You try to cram all the living you can into every moment of every day. Over 60-somethings, I’m speaking to you! You know what your passions are, what lights you up and makes you happy and so you do those things. Keep cultivating those relationships that feed your soul and leave behind all of those things that no longer serve you. You have no use for the drama and game playing that young people do in their relationships; you’re so far beyond that now. What you want is that security, that loyalty and that deep connection with the person you’re more than likely going to spend the rest of your days with.

As you’re picking up speed on that steep incline, you’re also aware that life is getting short. You’ve got more life behind you than there is in front of you.  But don’t let that throw you. On the contrary, it should inspire you to not take a single thing for granted, not to ever let anything go unsaid or unresolved in your relationships with the people that are important to you. Life is getting short; let’s leave it with no regrets. You can roll on down that hill with the joy and satisfaction that you’ve said and done everything you needed to and have a clear conscience about what your life and legacy will mean to those who love you.

Take a moment now and every day to show your partner, that person who is by your side now and for the rest of your days, that they mean everything to you and that your life has been made better, richer and more exciting because they are sharing it with you. Don’t let another moment go by over this crazy hill of life without showing your partner what they truly mean to you and that you value them above anyone else in this world.

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