//Making Peace with Your Divorce Before Remarrying

Hello and thanks for joining Stuart Fensterheim The Couples Expert. Today’s topic is on making peace with your divorce before you remarry. That’s pretty deep isn’t it? What Stuart wants you to know is that there is oftentimes work that needs to be done on your part to figure out what went wrong with the prior relationship before you remarry or commit to another relationship.

Stuart sees many couples coming into his office for counseling and the conversations are often similar. They go something like this:

Husband and wife are struggling and don’t know what to do. When Stuart digs deeper, he finds unresolved issues and baggage that one or both partners have brought into the new marriage from their past relationships. The attitude is “Well I’m going to give it my best shot, and if it doesn’t work I can always divorce again.” How sad is that? It’s almost an admission of defeat before they even get started. This shows that they likely haven’t made peace with their divorce and have not done the work needed to have a healthy relationship with this new partner. When both partners bring their baggage, it can be a recipe for disaster.

What you’ll learn in today’s podcast:

  • What is the value you place on marriage? [2:32]
  • Do the autopsy on your past relationships [3:23]
  • Co-parenting true or false?  [4:38]
  • Letting go of the past and moving on [6:56]
  • Consequences of rebounding into a new relationship [15:54]
  • Deal with and take responsibility for the issues that got in the way in the last relationship [18:24]

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Until then, stay close, do the work, let go of the past, and stay connected.

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